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12/29/2011 - Spartan Race!!

Spartans, Prepare for Glory!!!

So you think your a "Spartan" do you. You think you have the fortitude to push yourself to the maximum, and then go a little further, do you? IF you really think that, then this is the for you to step up and take your shield in hand. Come back with it, or on it.

The Spartan Race is normally a pretty tough time however, thanks to our very own 10th Special Forces Group (A) stationed at Ft. Carson, CO, this years race is going to truly test your fortitude. Based at Ft. Carson this race will be composed of approximately 4 miles of the toughest obstacles yet, and with the Special Forces input, you just may find that this is too tough for you. ( I can tell you from experience that the altitude and topography of Ft. Carson is not for the weak of mind.) 

Normally the Spartan Sprint would be open to all and would include the season pass holders however this event is not available to those holding the season pass. Perhaps you could still register as a one time event.

All of those who dare to excel will receive the following:

- Finishers Medal
- T-Shirt
- Free Beer ticket for anyone 21 and over
- Bragging Rights
- Free Mud
- High Pressure Water to the Gut
- Roasted Shoelaces
- Scrapes and Bruises
- Awesome Stories to Tell

You will also gain the respect of the Nations best; 10th Special Forces Group (A). That alone is worth the pain.

IF you think you can hack it, and you want in, then you better get in now. Prices continue to rise as the date approaches and fear consumes you. Eventually you find a reason not to take part in it and then you have to live with the shame of it the rest of your life, or until you are mentally strong enough to actually participate in a future event. 

For those of you who are physically unable to participate, you can volunteer and gain bragging rights that way (although not the respect of the 10th SFG(A)). You can even get free parking by volunteering. No T-shirt though.

To get registered go to:

Check out the video as well and then gain the courage to actually enroll.

"Let each among them search his own soul."

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