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08/25/2012 - Colorado State Fair

This years Colorado State Fair is going to be one of the biggest and best talent packed events of its history. 

Usual attractions, such as the giant carnival with rides ranging from children under 2 to "scare me I'm an adult" coasters and flyers, will be running all day and night. Party games like hit the balloon with a dart or ring toss, and of course carnival favorites like funnel cakes and cotton candy, will be made available to you as well all day, every day. But it's the special events, like the animal shows or the amazing live concerts that really make this week a special one.

Concerts with favorites such as; Merle Haggard; Steve Miller Band; The Mc Crae; Triple Nickel; The Anita McCoy dancers; and Kristi Hoopes are just a scratch of the talent being brought in for you all week. There is enough music being played all week for you that your Ipod will get jealous.

Maybe you prefer to see some true artists at work. If so then the Sand Artists is the event for you. Watch as they take little grains of sand and some ordinary water and make masterpieces of it all.

Maybe you would prefer to watch the livestock show and see some of our states best breeders on hand, ask them a couple of questions and get some advice on how to breed that amazing cow/sheep/chicken concoction you have always wanted to try. Don't let it out of the shed though as that may be a bad thing.

The State 4-H will be putting on their annual horse show for the fans and the popular yet dangerously exciting mounted cowboy shooting competition will be held this week as well.

They have everything from rabbits, to chickens, to sheep, to cows, for you to look at, touch and if you want, purchase. Maybe you are a burgeoning new chicken farmer and need to learn how to care for your new hobby, or you want to see what a true steer looks like up close and personal. This is the week for you to act out all of your childhood dreams.

Throughout the week there will be events, music, animals, rides, food, drinks, beer, monster trucks, tailgate parties, beer, chili championships, Girl Scouts, pet rocks, MMA demonstrations, Chocolate championship makings and of course, BEER.

Why would you want to go anywhere else this week other than the fair?! Doesn't make sense to me. CO State Fair Events
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